This project is a collaborative venture between Daniel Kelly, a cancer professional and Tim Wainwright, a photographic artist. It explores the impact that prostate cancer has on relationships. The site offers a glimpse into people's everyday lives who are affected by prostate cancer, using images, speech, sound and words. The project has been funded and supported by the Jeremy Gambrill Award from the Prostate Cancer Charity. Chris Letcher constructed and manages the site.

It became clear during earlier work by Kelly that prostate cancer is essentially a shared event. It not only impacts on men but also on those around them. The needs of partners, siblings, friends and family are not always immediately visible, however, and a purpose of the project is to increase our understanding of the illness. For men themselves, prostate cancer may evoke feelings of uncertainty, isolation and embarrassment. Social influences may mean that some men do not feel able to share their experiences - even with those closest to them - and so a cycle of silence can be perpetuated.

COUPLES sets out to question the hidden nature of prostate cancer and to examine what happens to men's close relationships. The website begins with the story of Jane Gambrill, Jeremy's sister, who talks about the final stages of his illness and death. Others stories tell of life going on after cancer, of marriages changing but strengthening and of relationships shifting. The future will look different after cancer but this difference embraces the seemingly endless human capacity to adapt and grow.

If you would like to find out more, please email Daniel at D.Kelly@mdx.ac.uk.

For more information about the project's collaborators and the charity click HERE.